amplify healing experiences, exploration from within w/ love.

mental health technologies

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created, creating &// will create
loving experiences w/ 'em

we're more than grateful to have you on the journey of creating loving experiences for all

amplify healing experiences, exploration from within & love.

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month Year 2024!
In Mental Health Awareness Week (13th-19th of May), let's join #Movement: Moving more for our mental health. Tag #MomentsForMovement ❤️
Notice the creation of Mental Health Engineering squad to explore more mental health tech resources together.

Mental Health

Pentas IO x MEDEC - Bunga Raya Healer

metaschool - Evolvify Metaverse

our mental health tech

vid of BCI & VR

vid of metaverse
film spatial
heart dancing

rolling over users slide left to right testimonials etc

Logos of the ppl

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tech stack

create a row of round shaped pictures that I can upload logos who have collaborated with me before. Make it a slide that's consistently moving automatically if possible.

create a row that's consistently sliding to the left while it shows all the little logos in the row. this is a section where it has all the partners in the past, now and future together that we put, we have their logos. Best when the logos are moving automatically in a row. When people move their cursors towards the logo, the p