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Fashion Show
Themed Year 2050:
The Launch of Futuristic Mental Health Advocate Virtual Avatars

PinkCryptoBabe hosted and invited @toplovetech as the guest to launch the futuristic mental health advocates in the Fashion Show in the Fashion City tonight in @Spatial_io metaverse!

In our first collection, we launched a glowing human, clearing fear and dancing love to heal. Lots of love.

Custom Avatar Fashion Show Themed Car Race:
The Launch of Meditative Lotus 莲Flying Miracle

As seen on the right, the metaverse has endless of possibilities for us to explore.

In the car racing environment, we unleash our creativity to modify the lotus we first sculpted to become a flying lotus bringing us around the world.

It signifies the feeling of freedom to protect the purity of heart to grow from the mud, a balance in expectation and the loyalty to one's own heart with undistorted love.

Godlike Equilibrium:
Virabhadrasana Yoga's Path to Self-Esteem and Mental Well-being

A yoga session guided through a series of yoga poses, with a special emphasis on Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose) with variations focused on cultivating self-esteem and inner worth.

The practice will include instructions and modifications to create a sense of balance, strength, and empowerment within the lovely people.

Through the practice and a gratitude session, individuals will be encouraged to embrace their divine essence and nurture a positive self-image.

HELIO 3.0 Summit - Metaverse for
Energy Raising Themed
Light and Sound Therapy

By mintkudosxyz.eth ♥ BE LIGHT x AIESEC JB x Top Love present to you the flaming serenity themed light & sound therapy immersive room. The theme of our therapy session is 'Energy Raising'. It could help you increase your energy level & performance, feel empowered, & boost your motivation, allowing you to tackle life's challenges with enthusiasm.

Mr Oliver Smykacz from BE LIGHT radiantly illuminates the space with his transformative light & sound therapy. BE LIGHT is in cooperation with all parties to create this live multi-sensory journey to show you how easy it is to sync your EEG brain signals & relax.

AIESEC JB, Malaysia is a non-profit org with Malaysian Youth Volunteer (MYV) organising HELIO 3.0 as the Mental Health Survival Kit. The Organising Committees are led by Kek Da Quan, Chum Chee Kin, Ng Yie Ling, Raymond Fong Min Hong, Chen Kar Wai and more. Cliona Chee of Top Love sets up immersive VR stimulating environments for healing sessions that alter EEG brain signals. T&C of BE LIGHT Applies.