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Immersive worlds that mentally heal people.

Mental Health Metaverse Spaces

We focus much on the quality.

First development of the Mental Health Metaverse series with the use of mental health assessments of using EEG brain signals help us understand the benefits, the risks and the other criteria to take care of. Everyone's situation is different and everyone's most effective healing method is to be explored as well. We're brave to admit that some therapies that are most effective for a certain type of people might cause a disaster in the others. Therefore, the ability to exclude the methods and act quick according to different changes would be our most important skills other than the professional skills.

We collaborated with mental health professionals along the way to understand the status quo and carefully craft our code of conduct. Also, we get ourselves involved in different discussions publicly to eliminate as many blind spots as possible. We eliminate labeling 'right' or 'wrong' ways in handling biomedical engineering projects, but focus on 'the most suitable, effective and loving ways' of making decisions, providing experiences and spreading love to all.

We ensure that certain tools are free to be used to the public.
We still believe in accessible mental health tools as the first aid kit.
However, they shall only be used as mental health tools for professional treatments under the supervision of mental health professionals with renewed licenses or registered certification after having in-depth training of the uses with biomedical engineers who are involved.

Biomedical Engineering in Mental Health Development

A Compassionate Collaboration with Care and Code of Conduct

Providing Free Public Access to Mental Health Tech Tools

Released our
Healing Quest
& lovely freebies.

Joined the global builders' community & co-hosted events.

Launched our metaverse spaces to the public for free.

We released our Beta version in April, modified things, published Relaxing Mental Health Metaverse version 3.
We got 747+ visitors in from May - December in 2023.

We also care much about
'mental health is a universal human right'.

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